False Ceiling Designs for the Bedroom (2024)

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From rustic wood finishes to high-gloss white panels, here are ideas for false ceilings for master bedrooms

Vaishnavi Nayel Talawadekar3 March 2018

Houzz India Contributor. Internationally published architecture, design and art journalist. www.mangomonk.com


For many years, decor schemes have mostly pivoted around designs reserved for walls and floors. With the rise in popularity of false ceilings, many homeowners are now giving them their due attention. Typically made of gypsum or PoP (Plaster of Paris), false ceilings are secondary surfaces suspended from the ceiling joists of a room. They are custom-cut to fit the structural layout of the ceiling and, usually, include openings for lighting and air conditioning. False ceilings can overarch a room and work as effective ambient accents. In this article, discover styles that are guaranteed to inspire.

Renee Streett

Timbered ceiling
Wood beams are a versatile tool that can be used to craft bold, clean designs on a false ceiling. See how this room offers added depth thanks to the dramatic timbered ceiling effect. The false ceiling is embedded with recessed lights that subtly highlight the walnut grid while a leaf-petal chandelier adds a playful touch of glam to the space.

Gypsum beam grid
If you flipped the previous design upside down, you’d get something like this. In this island-inspired bedroom, the base timber panelling is buttressed by a gypsum beam grid. The ceiling pops with its various levels and the grid reveals polished square panels within, each kept to its natural grain.

Tip: Opt for panels in natural or reclaimed wood if you prefer an authentic outdoorsy feel. That said, there are plenty of facsimile options on the market if you’re on a tight budget.

Elad Gonen

Floor-to-ceiling ribbon
Aerodynamic, seamless and smooth are words that come to mind for this design. The false ceiling in this bedroom is restricted to a single stylistic ribbon that sits below the ceiling and extends from the floor and flows across the ceiling and over the bed as a futuristic canopy. With spotlights and cove lighting along the ceiling, the design channels a futuristic appeal. The ribbon plays host to a television while retaining its place as the focal centrepiece.

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Flush-mounted fixtures
The ceiling has plenty to offer in this vanilla-mocha vacation cabin, with multiple interlayered faux ceiling elements. The outer broad ceiling cornice features both recessed lights and soft cove lighting. Matched in style and spirit are the quadrant of flush-mounted fixtures that mirror the same lighting scheme.

Ownby Design

Panelled tray
The light-studded cornice in this room offers ample lighting and also works as a mainstay for the rich panel display on the ceiling. Interestingly, both the tray and the cornice are false ceiling elements. The oakwood tray, laid with traditional ceiling planks, is reminiscent of mid-20th-century architecture.

Tip: Decide the tone and shade of your panels based on the decor. For an old-world appeal, pick a darker-stained wooden false ceiling for the bedroom. For a more contemporary vibe, choose light or white shades.

Debbie Sykes

Latticed ceiling
The goose-grey ceiling forms the primary design feature in this bedroom. Crafted from two levels of gypsum, the base false ceiling is framed by a grid cornice that is retrofitted with a white latticed grille. Diamonds of grey peep through, with some featuring embedded lights that serve as the main lighting source for the space.

Spinnaker Development

High-gloss panelling
Seek inspiration from this pure white sanctuary that employs high-gloss tongue-and-groove panelling to elevate the ceiling. The matte wood-panelled floor wonderfully offsets the effusive shine of the ceiling.

Copper Gyer Design

Tip: For a basic false ceiling for children’s bedroom, you can opt for colours of the rainbow to create a soothing work of art like done here.

Looking to paint your ceiling? Take a look at some inspiring spaces here

Wood-finish rafters
This chamber of slumber is an eclectic mix of rustic charm and contemporary aesthetics; the ceiling has the air of a quaint log cabin. The false ceiling is layered in narrow wood panels and embellished with heavy-duty beams laid across horizontally. It also features LED lights at various spots, which come together to serve as the room’s arterial lighting network.

IMI Design, LLC

Layered ceiling
The original ceiling in this peaceful Zen retreat is masked in three levels of false ceiling that form concentric ovals just over the bed frame. Each level contains a scattered ring of embedded lights that effectively zone the sleeping area.

Textured ceiling
The style quotient in this bedroom is taken up several notches, courtesy the elegant custom-created design on the false ceiling. Made from PoP, the ceiling moulding is a marriage of classical elegance and modish style. The design sits within a rectangular frame, characterised by clean white lines.

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False Ceiling Designs for the Bedroom (2024)


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