February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (2024)


Every month is a busy month and February makes no exception. Here are 14 free printable February 2024 calendar templates to help you plan and organize. Once you learn to track everything important, you’ll discover the time-saving benefits of using a calendar!

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1 📜 Free Printable February 2024 Calendar Templates

2 🔶 Abstract

3 🍃 Blue Foliage

4 🌿 Botanical

5 🍋 Citrus

6 🏡 Farmhouse

7 🥕Food

8 🟨 Geometric

9 💕 Hearts

11 🌞 Motivational

13 🌈 Rainbow

14 🌵 Succulents

15 🌺 Watercolor Floral

17 ❄️Interesting Facts About February

18 ✔️ How To Use Our Printable Monthly Calendars

19 📝 Free March 2024 Calendars

20 ❓F.A.Q.

📜 Free Printable February 2024 Calendar Templates

Our free printable February calendar templates are incredibly versatile. They can be used for planning and organizing various tasks and obligations. Use them to keep track of schedules, reminders, birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays, work tasks, house chores, and anything else you can think of!

Choose from 14 ink-saving designs such as hearts, pets, farmhouse, botanical, citrus, watercolor, food, and motivational. You’ll surely find at least one to suit your personal preferences!

The templates are bundled in a free-to-download PDF, and you can print as many copies as you need for personal use! You only need a printer and U.S. Letter paper (8.5″x11″).

All our free printable calendars have a Sunday start, and portrait orientation. The vertical layout is easy to use in multiple ways: on a clipboard, memo board, or in a binder.

Major holidays are not included, but you’ll find a list of February holidays and other important dates below so you can add the ones you want.

Note: If you need Monday start February calendar templates, check out our free 2024 yearly calendar! Don’t forget about January Monthly Calendar 2024 as well.

🔶 Abstract

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (2)

I adore all the fun shapes and warm colors of this abstract calendar. You can fill the blank spaces for each day with anything you need to track or remember.

This is a theme suitable for various uses. I have one copy as a daily planner, and another is my gratitude journal.

🍃 Blue Foliage

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (3)

Do you love elegant decor? This pretty watercolor foliage calendar can give your home a style upgrade. It’s a wonderful design for an event calendar or a holiday calendar!

I have several sheets in use for this particular theme. For me, it works perfectly as a gift planner and for tracking parties, family birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations throughout the entire month.

🌿 Botanical

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (4)

The impressive variety of the plant world never ceases to amaze me. It’s so nice having this botanical monthly calendar as my garden planner. There’s always something to do in the garden and it would be difficult to keep track of everything otherwise.

I also use it as a camping planner, because of the nature-inspired theme.

🍋 Citrus

I keep this blank calendar template in the kitchen as the vibrant lemon theme works perfectly as kitchen wall art. It reminds me of the summer months and all the amazing activities warm weather lets us do.

As for planning purposes, it helps me with meal planning, and everything else related to kitchen organization. I also love the vertical layout which is a lot more practical than landscape templates, especially in a binder or a clipboard.

🏡 Farmhouse

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (6)

Even if you have just a plain black-and-white printer, this template will print beautifully.

The monochrome rustic design blends into any existing decor and it can be used to plan pretty much anything.

I highly appreciate the ample space and non-distracting theme which is why I’m using it as a reminder calendar. Phone calls, appointments, important tasks, doctor visits, errands……everything I shouldn’t forget goes on this sheet.


February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (7)

There’s no question about it: this theme is perfect for the kitchen!

Use it for meal planning, or as a fridge, freezer, or pantry inventory and it will help you not just save money, but also cook more efficiently.

🟨 Geometric

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (8)

If you have kids in school or at college, I’m sure they’ll love this geometric theme.

It makes an excellent school calendar, or college calendar and can be used to track everything related to educational activities.

Tracking the school schedule, homework, upcoming tests, assignments, project deadlines, and even school supplies can be done with this practical blank February calendar. Add it to your child’s school binder and you’re good to go!

💕 Hearts

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (9)

Isn’t this the most appropriate February 2024 calendar template? The hearts theme is perfect for anyone celebrating and planning Valentine’s Day.

Once you figure out the menu, and V-Day activities, print these free Valentine’s Day party printables for your decor and you’re ready for the holiday!

🏢 Black & White Office

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (10)

Black and white printable monthly calendars are such an effective planning tool. This minimalist simple design doesn’t require a color printer and works perfectly as an office calendar or even a corporate calendar.

Use it as a daily planner, or a weekly planner and you’ll have a much easier time managing your work tasks or any other obligations.

🌞 Motivational

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (11)

Focus on what’s important and you’ll move mountains! This fun motivational calendar will also help.😎

Every month, you can enjoy a different positive quote that will inspire you to be your best. This is why I use this template to track my personal development. I have one sheet that serves as a habit tracker and another for self-care planning.

🐾 Pets

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (12)

If you’re in need of a simple pet planner or puppy planner (if you’re a new dog owner), this pet-themed free printable February 2024 calendar will get the job done!

There are so many things you need to keep track of when caring for a pet. The feeding schedule, exercise routines, grooming sessions, vaccinations and the list goes on.

A dated calendar template will help you write down all the important information related to your pet and have it on hand when needed.

🌈 Rainbow

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (13)

Rainbows are a symbol of hope, love, friendship, and inclusivity. This pretty theme is my go-to health and fitness planner.

I can guarantee that writing down your workouts and fitness progress will make you more accountable and each milestone you pass feels highly rewarding!

🌵 Succulents

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (14)

I’ve always found succulents have such cute shapes and colors. They’re also resilient plants that teach us you can thrive even with limited resources.

Guess what I’m using this template for? It’s finance planning!

Anything budget-related can be tracked with a simple blank calendar. Use it as an expense tracker, debt tracker, budget tracker, or a daily spending log and you’ll have a much better understanding of your cash flow.

🌺 Watercolor Floral

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (15)

This floral calendar template has such a pleasing aesthetic it can also serve as pretty wall art for your desk area or office space.

All our free February calendar printables are multipurpose so you certainly don’t have to match each theme to a specific use. This does work well for me, and the watercolor floral template is my wellness planner and workout tracker.

📅 February 2024 Holidays & Important Dates

Before the winter ends, we have two major holidays and one of them is Valentine’s Day. It has become increasingly popular all over the world, so Americans are not the only ones celebrating it.

Our free printable monthly calendar templates are dated but they also offer sufficient empty space for you to write down public holidays and other important events that are significant to you.

Valentine’s Day

While not a public holiday, Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14th. Originally, it was a Christian holiday in honor of a martyr called Valentine. Over time it became a celebration of love and romance. Some of the most notable customs are sending greeting cards and small gifts such as flowers and chocolates to loved ones.

The celebration didn’t remain limited to romantic couples and it extended to friends and family as well. Even young kids gift Valentine’s Day cards and small gifts to friends, classmates, and teachers.

Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday celebrated in most US states. It’s always held on the third Monday of February, which is February 19th in 2024.

In some states, the holiday celebrates George Washington’s birthday (USA’s first president), while in others it’s dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. You’ll find different names for this holiday across various states and some even celebrate both Lincoln and Washington, or a combination of USA presidents.

Other Important Dates

  • Friday, February 2nd, 2024 – Groundhog Day
  • Saturday, February 24th, 2024 – Full Moon (Snow Moon)

❄️Interesting Facts About February

  • In the northern hemisphere, February is the last month of winter. In the southern hemisphere, it’s a summer month (equivalent to August in the northern hemisphere).
  • In the Gregorian calendar, February is the only month that lasts 28 days. The only exception occurs every 4 years on leap years when February has 29 days. In 2024 this month has 29 days, since it’s a leap year.
  • On February 15th, Romans held “purification festivals” and the materials used to cleanse their bodies were generically named februa, derived from Februus, the ancient Roman god of purification. These are the roots of the English word “February”.
  • February zodiac signs: Aquarius (January 20 – February 18), and Pisces (February 19 – March 20).
  • February birthstone: Amethyst.
  • February birth flowers: Violet and primrose.

✔️ How To Use Our Printable Monthly Calendars

  • Our free printable February 2024 calendar templates are an instant download and print on US letter-size paper. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Enter your name and email in the subscription box below.
  • Hit the “Grab it now” download button. The download link will be sent to your email.
  • Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader or another PDF reader app (this is needed to open the PDF file format).
  • Leave the scaling set to 100% to print on letter-size paper. The scaling can be adjusted for printing on a different type of paper such as A4 or A5 and you can see the changes in the preview area.
  • Click the Print button and you’re done!

📝 Free March 2024 Calendars

February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (16)

Stay organized next month with ourfree printable March 2024 calendars! They’re available in the same designs for each month of the year and using them is a breeze.

Free printables really are a great planning resource!


What holiday is February 1, 2024?

There are several holidays celebrated on February 1st, 2024, including National Freedom Day, Abolition Of Slavery Day, Heroes Day, National Dark Chocolate Day, Federal Territory Day, Change Your Password Day, and Optimist Day.

Can the calendar of the year 2024 be used again?

Yes. Years will have the same starting weekday and number of days every 28 years. This means you can reuse a 2024 calendar in 2052, and 2080.

Can I print a free 2024 calendar?

Yes. You will need a printer and U.S. Letter paper to print our free 2024 calendar templates. Choose from 14 simple designs available for each month of the year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December

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February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (21)



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February 2024 Calendar Templates - 14 Free Printables (2024)


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