Leftover Bread And Cheese Patties - Give Recipe (2024)

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Leftover Bread And Cheese Patties - Give Recipe (1)

I hate wasting things! When we have leftovers, we use them in different forms not to waste. When there are millions of people around the world who can’t find enough food or even who die of hunger, I think it’s so cruel to throw food away! Noone can easily treat leftovers as rubbish when they remember that there are millions of children who go to bed hungry every night. To make people more aware and conscious, I fell more public campaigns must be held on this issue. We should never forget that not everyone living in the world is as lucky as we are, there are other people who are really in bad conditions and trying to survive. They might be thousands of kilometers away from us, but this can’t hide the reality! We can’t ignore them just because we don’t see them!

We often have leftover bread as we can’t finish a loaf in a few days. When there are a few slices left, I change their form to make them more attractive and edible. So we eat the whole bread before it goes bad.

These leftover bread and cheese patties are one of our favorite breakfast foods. Yusuf loves these so much that he asks why we have to wait for leftover bread to make these! They are never enough!

These can be served at breakfast or as appetizers. I’m sure they go very well with beer too as they are so appetizing just like our cigarette borek, which are served with beer at pubs.

Do you have leftover bread? Try these crispy outside, soft inside patties!

What do you make with leftover bread? I'd be glad to hear your recipe! Please feel free to share it in comments section!

Leftover Bread And Cheese Patties - Give Recipe (2)

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📖 Recipe

Leftover Bread And Cheese Patties

Leftover Bread And Cheese Patties - Give Recipe (3)

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The perfect way to use up leftover bread is to make these patties with herbs and cheese.

  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 6 1x
  • Category: Side Dish
  • Method: Frying
  • Cuisine: American
  • Diet: Vegetarian



  • 3 slices leftover bread, crumbled
  • ½ cup cheese, feta or goat cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 4 scallions, minced, minus the white parts
  • ¼ bunch of parsley, minced
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • Corn oil to fry


  1. Beat egg in a bowl.
  2. Add black pepper and whisk.
  3. Crumble cheese and throw it into the bowl.
  4. Add in minced parsley and scallions.
  5. Toss in crumbled leftover bread.
  6. Mix them all well with a spoon.
  7. Heat oil and place a spoonful of the mixture into frying pan.
  8. Fry 5 or 6 patties at one time depending on the size of your pan.
  9. Fry each side for 1 or 2 minutes until golden brown.
  10. Transfer patties on a paper towel to remove excessive oil and serve warm.



I don’t add salt as the cheese I use is salty enough.

These are generally served warm, but we love them cold too!


  • Serving Size:
  • Calories: 102
  • Sugar: 1.3 g
  • Sodium: 107.3 mg
  • Fat: 6.5 g
  • Carbohydrates: 8.2 g
  • Protein: 2.9 g
  • Cholesterol: 33.1 mg

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Reader Interactions


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  1. Victoria says

    These look and sound amazing. Have you ever tried adding any meat in them


    • Zerrin & Yusuf says

      Glad you liked them. No, we haven't tried these with meat.


  2. Sandra says

    I too am offended by the waste of American households.I was a single mom of five and would have loved for some leftover bread. Will make this recipe tomorrow for breakfast. Thanks for sharing.


    • Zerrin & Yusuf says

      Hi Sandra,

      We hate wasting food. And this recipe is a great way to use up leftover bread. Hope you like it when you try it.


  3. Liz says

    Can you Use any cheese


    • Yusuf says

      Hi Liz, the cheese that is easy to crumble works the best. You can use a combination of cheddar and feta.


    • Aslinah says

      I’ve gone ahead to put these patties in the oven, at 180C for 20 min. They turned out great!


      • Yusuf says

        Hi Aslinah, thank you so much for the feedback and sharing your result. We really appreciate that. Glad it turned out great in oven too.

  4. Jodie Sullivan says

    I make this recipe fairly regularly now - it's like a fancy little grilled cheese and we love it with a bed of spinach and some hummus! Would definitely recommend.


    • Yusuf says

      Hi Jodie! Happy to hear that! Serving it with spinach and hummus is a great idea! Need to try that! Thanks for the feedback!


  5. Andy says

    This was good, and so easy that when my husband polished off the last one & asked if there was more, I had no problem offering to make another batch. I used old hamburger buns (whole wheat) and was worried the patties wouldn’t be too good b/c that’s not exactly the nicest bread, but they worked fine!


  6. Joan says

    Theses little patties are delicious. I shredded mozzarella as my cheese as that is what I had on hand. I make my own bread so this recipe will be used often with the ends that no one seems to eat in my house. A very nice change from using the ends for bread crumbs and toast. I'm making these again tomorrow as I have more bread to use. Thank you, Zerrin!


    • Zerrin says

      Hi Joan,
      Glad to hear that you loved the recipe. A great way to use up the leftover bread, isn't it? Thanks for your feedback!


  7. Jodie Sullivan says

    This recipe looks great! I’m wondering if they can be frozen?


    • Zerrin says

      Thank you Jodie! Never tried freezing them, so I don't want to mislead you.


  8. Mary O'Brien says

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe. I just made them and posted your recipe on my blog. I will definitely make these again.
    Here's the link to my post!

    Mary O'Brien


    • Zerrin says

      Hi Mary! These are so easy and tasty, aren't they? We can make it whenever we have too much bread at home! And I checked it out at your blog. Yours look wonderful! Thank you for mentioning me there:)


  9. TasteofBeirut says

    What a lovely appetizer and a great photo! I immediately think of making this as soon as possible!


    • Zerrin says

      Thank you Joumana! It's very easy to make! We don't waste leftover bread this way.


  10. dokuzuncubulut says

    Fotoğraf, tarif hepsi harika olmuş. Çook lezzetli görünüyor. Ellerine sağlık Zerrincim:)


    • Zerrin says

      Teşekkürler Aslı Ablacım! Yapımı da çok basit. Üstelik kalan ekmek, peynir, yeşillik de değerlenmiş oluyor.


Leftover Bread And Cheese Patties - Give Recipe (2024)


What can I do with leftover bread in a bakery? ›

Day-old bread is often used to make bread crumbs and if the bakery is also a cafe, the bread is sometimes used to make bread pudding or frittatas.

What to do with hard French bread? ›

Leftover French bread can be used in a variety of recipes, from sweet to savory. Bake it for breakfast to indulge in a spice-filled French toast, make a crostini and spread it with a tangy goat cheese mousse, add blue cheese croutons to tomato soup or grill your stale bread and spread it with an avocado-pea topping.

What do bakeries do with unsold bread? ›

Typically, unsold bread is either dried, mashed, or made into bread syrup.

What do restaurants do with uneaten bread? ›

Bread taken from a table is usually thrown away, since at the end of the night restaurants usually have more unused bread leftover than they can turn into croutons or breadcrumbs.


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