TheAndy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Artson June 27 announced the forty-nine recipients of its spring 2024 grants. The foundation will award more than $4 million to visual arts organizations and institutions dispersed across nineteen US states and the District of Columbia as well as one in South Africa. Included among the recipients are small and midsize organizations, including museums and university galleries; additional support was awarded to six curatorial research fellowships.

“Artists are at the center of all of our grantmaking efforts; we seek to uplift organizations and institutions that consistently amplify artists’ voices and facilitate artists’ visions,” said Warhol Foundation president Joel Wachs in a statement. “The voices of artists keep our cultural conversations dynamic and evolving; their unique perspectives resist the stagnation that comes with polarization and suggest new ways of moving into and through turbulent times.”




Among the recipients are organizations working to foster cultural exchange and community interaction, those creating opportunities for artists with research-based practices to present work in the public sphere, and those exploring technology, broadcast, performance, and new media. Also receiving grants were organizations supporting local and regional voices and concerns, and those centered on activism and resistance.

Among the first-time grantees receiving multiyear program support are the Donkey Mill Art Center in Hōlualoa, Hawaii, which elevates Native Hawaiian LGBTQ+ and BIPOC artists; San Francisco’s artist-founded /(Slash), which supports the city’s independent artists, writers, and curators; Brooklyn’s Open Source Gallery, which provides site-specific contemporary arts programming in a residential neighborhood; and Emerson Contemporary at Emerson College in Boston, which aims to connect local artists with organizations through a series of programs and exhibitions around local monuments and histories.

Exhibitions receiving support include theinaugural Boston Public Triennial, to be held in 2025; “Vivian Browne: My Kind of Protest,” co-organized by grantee the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC, and Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center and the first retrospective of the artist and activist, whose work investigated the imbalance of power faced by women of color; and “Pao Houa Her: The Imaginative Landscape,” the inaugural survey of the Hmong American artist whose practice examines issues of identity and diaspora, presented by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Among the curatorial fellowship recipients are Sarah Higgins, executive and artistic director of Atlanta-based nonprofit Art Papers, and Juan Omar Rodriguez, an assistant curator at the San José Museum of Art.

A full list of recipients is below.

Spring 2024 Grant Recipients | Program Support Over 2 Years

African Film Festival, New York ($100,000)
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT ($100,000)
Aperture, New York ($100,000)
Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami ($80,000)
David Winton Bell Gallery / Brown University, Providence, RI ($80,000)
The Donkey Mill Art Center, Hōlualoa Foundation, Hōlualoa, HI ($80,000)
Emerson Contemporary / Emerson College, Boston ($80,000)
Los Angeles Filmforum, Los Angeles ($68,000)
Hammonds House Museum, Atlanta ($100,000)
Institute of Contemporary Art, San Diego ($80,000)
The Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School, New York ($100,000)
Montez Press Radio, New York ($90,000)
Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY ($60,000)
Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK ($100,000)
RAIR, Philadelphia ($80,000)
Rivers Institute for Contemporary Art & Thought, New Orleans ($80,000)
/ (Slash), San Francisco ($80,000)
Space One Eleven, Birmingham, AL ($80,000)
Summertime, Brooklyn, NY ($60,000)
W.A.G.E., Brooklyn, NY ($82,000)
Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC ($100,000)

Spring 2024 Grant Recipients | Exhibition Support

American Federation of Arts, New York ($100,000)
“Willie Birch: Stories to Tell”

Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe ($100,000)
Exhibition support (over 2 years)

Boston Public Art Triennial ($100,000)
2025 Boston Public Triennial

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis ($75,000)
“Like Water”

Dia Art Foundation, New York ($80,000)
Reneé Green

Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum / Washington University, St. Louis ($75,000)
“Seeds: Containers of a World to Come”

Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), Los Angeles ($100,000)
“Reflections in Lafayette Park: Reimagining Urban Oasis”

John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI ($60,000)
“Pao Houa Her: The Imaginative Landscape”

El Museo del Barrio, New York ($90,000)
“Mestre Didi: Spiritual Form”

Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis ($65,000)
“El Vaivén: 21st Century Art of Puerto Rico and Its Diaspora”

Nevada Museum of Art, Reno ($100,000)
“Into the Time Horizon”

New Museum, New York ($100,000)
“New Humans: Memories of the Future”

The Isamu Noguchi Museum Foundation and Garden Museum, Long Island City, NY ($70,000)
“Temitayo Ogunbiyi: You will wonder if we would have been friends”

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL ($75,000)
“Jacqueline de Jong: Vicious Circles”

Pérez Art Museum Miami ($100,000)
“Woody De Othello: Transmutations”

The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC ($100,000)
“Vivian Browne: My Kind of Protest”

Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence ($60,000)
“Liz Collins: Motherlode”

Rubin Center for the Visual Arts / University of Texas at El Paso ($100,000)
Exhibition program support (over 2 years)

The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York ($100,000)
Tom Lloyd

Tufts University Art Galleries– Medford, MA ($100,000)
Exhibition program support (over 2 years)

US Biennial, New Orleans ($100,000)

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Capetown, South Africa ($100,000)
“Lie of the Land”

Spring 2024 Grant Recipients | Curatorial Research Fellowship

Art Papers, Atlanta ($50,000)
Sarah Higgins

Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco ($50,000)
Hannah Scott

International Center of Photography, New York ($50,000)
Elisabeth Sherman

Public Media Institute, Chicago ($50,000)
Brandon Alvendia, Kimi Kitada and Jes Allie

San José Museum of Art, California ($50,000)
Juan Omar Rodriguez

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis ($50,000)
Rosario Güiraldes



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